Pepso Coffee, a delicious concoction created by Doctor Addle using one of the many by-products from the Zing Corporation.

It is so specialized, Pepso coffee has to be made by scientists or only the most experienced barista's using the patented Pepso Coffee Brewing Machine, which transforms beans to brew by way of several hundred feet of pipes and wells. The whole process takes about one hour to produce one cup of thermodynamic Pepso Coffee.

Pepso Coffee is devoted to providing consumers with the strongest and most potent coffee the medical society will allow.

It's the ultimate in energy drinks;
it sends you from coma to comet in seven sips
So far, scientist's from coast to coast to coast and all around the country have discovered 2,472 alternate uses for a cup of Pepso Coffee.

For your updated Pepso Coffee users guide and a free sample: send $1 to

P.O. Box 5906
Wilmington, DE
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