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The Back Fire Incident By Justynn Tyme

    Well I consider this the funniest thing I have ever done, in the context of promotional stunts anyway. Although to be fair I have even really got warmed up yet. Well a year or so ago I was part of a certain google group. To be fair though it was a themed group in the comedy genre but it was a group for another comedy group; a famous one. I had originally known most of the members of the group. In turn they knew me and my group, in one way or another.

    So one day I decided to be stupid. When I am feeling stupid and want to do something stupid I make it pretty damn clear I am being stupid. In hindsight it might have been a foolish thing to do. What I did certainly didn't warrant the type of feed back I got and to be fair once again it was only three people of the dozens and dozens in the group. Here is the whole scene of events, reconstructed for your enjoyment, with the strong feelings still intact. I now submit for your consideration "The Back Fire Incident" w/ additional commentary in red.
My Post: Notice the length of it, very teeny tiny. Also notice the generality of it. It is simply harmless little questions one can easily ignore if one doesn't know the answer or don't really care. Also notice the signature, not a real name a dead give away to the unseriousness of the post. May I divert your attention again to the last question that is very silly indeed, stupidity pure and simple.
Hey! Does anybody know when the CD version Of The Whimsical IceBox's in "The Age Of Lunacy" is coming out? They still list it as coming soon this year on their web site [whimsicalicebox.com]. I heard they were working on that and a new comedy play CD. Anybody know what format they'll use?
J. Hibert Hinklestienbergenbower

Another thing I'd like to point out in reference to the one of the following posts. I think that name is a very silly name very funny. Also one more thing; notice it's addressed to "hey!" not to everyone but to only those people who turn around when someone yells out "Hey!" or "Hey You!"
No, but I presume that you know all about it. This kind of disguised SPAM is so fucking transparent it just makes my head spin, Justin. I will never look at you again and like you. Nobody I know will ever look at you again and like you. by: Dumbass 1
I should mention now I have changed the names to hide people's idenities as well as retain their dignity. Ha! Plenty of people look at me and still like me; well at least they act like it.
YOU ARE A MENACE! GO AWAY! (There, that's better. It was like being stuck mid-sneeze or wurtz).by: Dumbass 2
Amatures. If you intend on insulting don't defuse it by putting a quip at the end. That just says I am not sure about my last statement. So please continue to menace until I decide if you are. Boing!!!! Not my best retort but look at what I have to work with.
Why would I want to listen to something recommended by someone who thinks a name like "J. Hibert Hinklestienbergen - bower" is witty? by: Dumbass 3
I happen to think it's a very witty name that rolls off the palate.