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DEAD AIR By Justynn Tyme

    One little bit of history which may or may not be important for you to know. Was the day of our first public broadcast. Back in 1993, we had put together this really crappy collection of skits we had done over the last year. It was a bad really recording because in those daze of battery-operated mixers and microphones. Our equipment were always screwing up and going dead. So many of our recordings were plagued; plagued by buzzing noises, crackles, pops, hums, and right/ left distortions. Even our microphones would go dead and we listen back to a great skit and there was I, loud as a bell and Al's dialog buried by a technical fizz or was far in the background you could barely hear him, and vice versa.

    Anyway, back to this crappy collection. I dubbed it on to a tape and took it round to a guy I knew. I knew him because he ran an independent bookstore and he was a Firesign Theatre fan. Which is yet another link from us to them. I told him it was bad, and I just wanted some feed back on what he thought of our characters and impressions. Then before I knew what he was doing. He threw it into the tape deck and it started playing over the stores sound system. I can still remember standing there listening to our stuff over the loud speaker and thinking how much we sucked. I was kind of begging him to take it off, although I don't remember whether he did it or not. I just remember being so embarrassed I was turning bright red. It wasn't a real bad experience, I mean there was only about twelve people in the store. I just didn't want that to be those people's first experience of the Whimsical Icebox. I was hoping to sell our tape, a better one, in his store in the future.

    As fate would have it, I never did finish that particular tape until 4 years later and I never did take it back to him to sell. Now that we have a better recording to our names, maybe I'll go back there and try to sell it to someone I don't know. Which for me would be a good thing. Even if its just one person, that one person took a chance on us. That is something special that no can take away from you. We take for granted what we buy and how it reflects on those who are creating something new and wonderful for the first time.