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And Now The Legal Jargon

    Here is where we say the following legal jargon.:

    "Everything contained with in the walls of this web site. The pictures, audio clips, stories, ideas, page designs, etc. are copyrighted as both physical and intellectual property. This web site is submitted for your entertainment, and should not be implied as freeware. Thank you."

  "All persons and places are fictitious; any similarity to real persons or places, living or dead is coincidental. Said comedy is just that, and it is not meant to offend anyone but ourselves. If you have been offended already, or get offended somewhere along line, write to me and we'll talk about it. Thank you."

  "The views and opinions expressed here are not meant to be offensive. Rarely do we express harsh, hateful, derogatory, racial, stereotypical or any other negative responses to anything with any seriousness. Anytime we do, we do in jest and always have a counter balance routine. If we make a joke at the expense of someone or something else we're always sure to humble ourselves even worse. So anything you hear or view on this site, know that somewhere else is an equally humbling skit about us and anything we are related to or passionate about. Thank you!"

  "Any hate mail will be deemed the property of the Whimsical IceBox. Boring mail can remain your property. Regular mail will be a toss up. Funny mail will be your property, but if we want to use it we'll give you credit. Spam will be obliterated on the spot. Love mail or erotic mail will receive an instant reply. Obsessive mail will be turned into paper airplanes and flown around the studio. Thank you again."

  "If you would like to use something from our site please ask. We're not rotten, horrible grafters. Just give us credit and your site address so we can establish a link. No, no thank you."

  AMENDMENT: Just because we're retired doesn't mean you can peel the post mark off our material. Actually we're in business and working on new things all the time. All our material is copyrighted because of its multiple authors complexity. We allow the creative commons law on our work though, which means you can use and changes but must give us credit and tell us where it is on the web. No money can be made from it though - don't blame us blames society!