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Never Before Seen: Part 1
By Justynn Tyme & Stock Interchange

    These are stories about the lost Whimsical IceBox videos and the stories behind them. In the early years when we were at our most productive stage we were doing 80% audio and 20% video. It was the video skits that became the rarest items in our archives. This is quite a shame because it was some of the weirdest and funniest stuff we ever did. It isn't rare because we didn't do a lot of it, nor was it because we gave them all away. It was because we never labeled any of the video tapes we recorded on.

1) The Handicap Telethon:
    I can't say it was politically correct at the time even though I think we've gone hog wild with it. The whole premise was three physically and mentally handicapped guys, who may or may not have been comedians, were put in front of a video camera and told to raise money for the handicap.

2) Officer Kaldysak:
    On the cd there is a version of this video but the video started out funny but ended up serious. Officer Kaldysak pulled the guy over in a neighborhood for going one mile over or under the speed limit. Then it turned into an action film. The driver attacks Officer Kaldysak and they fight one on one in the street. Run of the mill stuff but there was one scene where Scotch throws a fake punch and I drop. It was so prefect and quick that it looked real on video. I guess that was because Scotch and I had been fake fighting for a few years prior to that video. Oh yeah Stack was directing and taping.

3) Pumperknickle Vs. Whole Wheat:
    I don't remember what the other characters name was, Lord Rye maybe. I just know he was supposed to be Pumpernickels master and adversary. He was a pain in the ass to Pumpernickel and they fought each other. I have memories of victorious Pumpernickel over Whole Wheat. There was a five minutes when you could hear us fighting but you couldn't see us at all.

4) PumperKnickle and Igon:
    I think this was Stock's and my first video skit together. It was also the birth of the Pumpernickel character. Stock took my red and blue quilt, threw it over himself like a hooded robe and started dancing around singing "Plug it in! Plug it in!" I took a cue from Orson Wells and filmed him doing this from as low as possible so it seemed he bigger than life. Then it came my turn to be Igon. So I directed Stock, who was filming, to raise the camera as high a possible. Now I'm a six foot guy but it looked like a 2 feet tall with a hump. I started spinning around singing "Plug it in! Plug it in!" too. It was very strange to see.

5) The Asian Puppet Show:
   This was at a time when Stock lent me his video camera and I was going nuts. I did stupid stuff, bizarre stuff and funny stuff. I can remember only a few of these sessions. The most memorable one was when I took a few hand puppets and did my own puppet show. I had a stuffed shark in suit, and a red hairy creature with long arms. I put a giant whicker salad bowl on my head and turned Asian. I just started going off. Talking to my puppets, interviewing my cats, improvising and rambling about what ever came to mind. It was the strangest and funny thing Stock said he had ever seen.