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Remembered By Justynn Tyme & Stack Interchange

    ... I was mostly to blame for this because at the time I had hundreds of video tapes without labels. When something came on tv that I wanted to record I did a thirty second scan and threw it in the vcr. So I almost inevitably recorded over much of our comedy without knowing it. Alex bitched me out on several occasions for being so stupid. What can I say; I am an idiot and I'll have to live with that. Before I tell you about the last remaining Whimsical IceBox video. I first want to tell you about what and where we did some of our video skits. We have to go into the cerebral cortex section of the icebox archives for this stuff.

6) News And Weather:
    These were two of the funniest skits we ever did (on video). We took a python concept and reworked into a stranger and funnier skit. A guy wakes up in the morning and gets ready for work. He goes down stairs to get his jacket and leave. When he opens the coat closet there I am. Mr. News Reporter reading the news. He listens for a second and then closes the door again and leaves for work. This skit preceded a parody of the Weather Channel and their blue screen. Stock assumed the role of Mr. Weather Man and walked over to a glass door leading to the outside. He started pointing at invisible things and giving the weather for the area. All the while what he is pointing at is just the sky, trees and the house next door.

7) The Fight and Flight:
   Another crazy skit we did which was another take on a Pythonism, was falling bodies. Scotch and I with Stocks camera got up on the roof. Well, not all at the same time. We took the camera up and I filmed Scotch sprawled out on the ground, looking down on him in the yard forty-five feet below. Then back on the ground I filmed Scotch pretending to jump. Then finally we took this five-foot Teddy Bear that had a human form, dressed him up in clothes and threw him off of the roof. Then spliced it all together. Not a hilarious skit but some thing strange.

8) The Bozo Infantry:
    This was a visual skit for the Bozo Infantry. Just small testimonial about a Bozo Infantry vet returning from Clownam trying to adjust to life afterwards. It was an under developed parody about the how the government treats its vet in general after they return from war; especially a long and horrid one - but I'm digressing. The skit was of a close-up head shot of me looking pretty rough. Unshaven, pimply and greasy hair sliding out from under a worn out camouflage cap. I played the war torn vet, and I got up real close to screen so the light would ripple and flicker in a strobe like effect. Then I started grousing about my life back home after the war. Like eating lawn chairs and other odd behavior.

9) Stack Interchange and The Bear: :
    This was one of the funniest skits I had ever seen, but that's because I was filming; I was there. That giant teddy bear we threw from the roof made another appearance in our films. Stock got him set up in a chair and then commenced in insulting him and beating the living shit of it. With crescent kicks, arm bars, and power slams he torn that bear up for about twenty minutes. I was laughing hysterically the whole time.