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Remembered By Justynn Tyme & Stack Interchange

    The last remaining Icebox video tape is in my possession and has been there for last five years untouched I'm proud to say. It has one of our greatest comedy skits on it and two so-so skits. I have decided not to tell you anything more about what's on the last remaining tape. Because in the near future I want to have them digitally re-recorded and put on a CD-rom. Especially the Umperhawk Dance, oops I've said to much already.

10) Where's My Pen:
    We took the idea of the same skit by "Kids In The Hall" but did it our way. Which we changed it more than a little bit. We did the skit as a vice to work on our acting, directing and cinematography. There were some really cool scenes in that skit. The three that are most memorable is the flash back scene, the other pens scene and other co-worker scene. The skit was about a guy lending his pen to a co-worker then needing it back and he can't quite remember who he gave it too. So he walks around yelling, "My pen! My pen! Have you seen my pen?"

   The Flash Back Scene: For this we used a circular lens which made circular picture with a back border. This was to represent a memory. Then Stack goes into convolutions when he finally remembers who he gave his pen too. We did two version intermingled with each other. One of what really happened and one of the over exaggerated version being his perception of the same event.

   The Other Pens Scene;is where Stack's character first realizes his pen is missing. The immediate co-worker (me) across from his desk has whole cup full of pens. He keeps handing him pens asking if this is the one. After each one Stack's character freaks out more and more. Finally my characters throws the rest of the pens at him and this sends Stack's character over the edge.

   The Other Co Worker Scene:This is when Stack's walks up the stairs and confronts a startled but nonchalant co-worker (me again). Threatens him with a fly swapper and then storms away. The funniest thing about this scene let alone the acting was the fact this was an office space and I wasn't wearing any shoes and my socks were dirty.

11) The Dave Kross Parody:
    This is based on true events in the lives of two anonymous people. They were step-father and step-son who did not quite get along. I will tell you the story through the filming parts and point...

Well the scene opens up at evening time and there is a blue collared worker sitting at his dinning room table with his head in his hands (played by Justynn Tyme). He is wearing a disheveled white shirt a and blue work slacks. He is bald, (which was this green mummies mask I was wearing backwards. It looked really bizarre) drunk as he had been so many times before, and with his right hand clutching a bottle of Jack Daniel's three quarters gone. Suddenly his head pops up and he is yammering on about stuff insanely to no one. Bitching and complaining and cursing and drinking.

   Soon he was aware that there was another person in the room with him. It was his step-son (played by Stock Interchange) . I forgot exactly what was the interpersonal conflict between the two but they started arguing about something. Then the step-father gets belligerent which prompts the rather large step son two push this rather medium size step father. Practically launching him out of his chair onto the floor. Which causes this disoriented blitz step-father claws his way up the back up the table and utter the infamous word... "Pack yer bags and get the FUCK out!" The scene ends later that evening and there is a blue collared worker sitting at his dinning room table with his head in his hands and yammering on about crazy stuff to nobody.