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Snapple Vision By Justynn Tyme

    The Snapple story could have been great a piece of history if it actually happen, but it didn't. So it's just a this little piece of crap that may or may not be interesting to you.

   It all began one evening while I was watching television. Many a evening started that way but on this particular evening the first new Snapple commercial aired. At the time, Snapple was totally new and making big waves in the world of fruit based beverages. They were coming out with new and interesting flavors every month. In conjunction with this, they were airing these crazy commercials about what kinds of different people drank Snapple and what they did with the bottles. Like one couple made furniture out of their used bottles.

    I remember them saying something about sending them a letter about what you did with Snapple bottles. I wanted be in one of their commercials. So I began thinking of different and unique ways to use Snapple. The only thing I could come up with was to be the only person to have drunk every flavor. Alex and I would both be in on the phony commercial. He would tell me where new flavors were and/or bring me different flavors to try. I had a list of about 40 - 43 kinds, something like that.

    What I intended to do was to write to them, with a comedy commercial already written and worked out in which I equally promoted Snapple and The Whimsical IceBox comedy group. I still remember the commercial I developed to this day, 7 years later. Anyway, after I drank every flavor in the area both diet and regular flavors. Before we could write up the commercial and send a letter to the Snapple Lady at Snapple Head Quarter. The commercial series ended rather abruptly.

    .... Later I found out they also fired the Snapple Lady. So the Snapple Lady was out of job, we were out of a commercial and I was stuck with 43 empty Snapple bottles. Which the labels were nearly eaten away by a family of squirrels living in the attic.

So after a few years I finally gave up and sent 42 bottles to the recycling center and kept the rarest of flavors for myself. The Snapple Apple Juice, which is somewhere in the attic. Even though the commercial was never completed on paper in was in mind. I've done my best to rewritten it from the notes I took and from what memories I have left.