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The Snapple Commercial Script By
Justynn Tyme And Stock Interchange

Scene One: Snapple Lady Intro:
Area: In front of our house; (real or ficitious)

"Hello again, Snapple Lady here with another dot on the map where 'Snapple Insanity' has struck again. This time it's in Newark, Delware. Let's investigate....." - Snapple Lady

Scene Two: Enter The Whimsical IceBox
Area: Inside our house; (real or ficitious)

"We're here with Justynn Tyme and Stock Interchange Of The Whimsical IceBox, a local comedy group. It is Justynn Tyme here, who claims to have tried every flavor put out by Snapple. His comedy partner, Stock Interchange claims to have witness this feat." - Snapple Lady

"Hi!" - Justynn

"Hi!" - Stock

"So what gave you the notion to try every flavor of Snapple?" - Snapple Lady

"Welp, I tried a few Snapple flavors when they first came out and I really liked them. I always like to try every flavor of something new...(cut off by Stock)" - Justynn

"We wanted to be in a Snapple commercial." - Stock

"(ad lib here)....well show us your collection and we'll see if you actually have tried all 42 flavors." - Snapple Lady

(pointing to a long row of Snapple bottles sitting on shelves encircling the room)

"I'll start here and work my way across, only pointing out flavors with memoriable moments attached to them. The Bali Blast I tried when I was coming back from Vermont and ran out of gas on the Interstate." - Justynn

"un huh." - Snapple Lady

"The Mango Madness there, I tried in the supermarket before I even paid for it and almost got arrested." - Justynn

"Hey! Which flavor is in the glass case over there?" - Snapple Lady

"That's flavor no.43." - Stock

" 43? There's only 42 flavors, bucko!" - Snapple Lady

"That there is a little bottle of pure Snapple Apple Juice. I found it in an obscure little gas station just down the street." - Justynn

"No you didn't. I found it first and pointed it out to you." - Stock

"We both saw it, at the same time." - Justynn

"No we didn't. I spotted it first then told you about it!" - Stock

Scene Three: Exit The Whimsical IceBox
Area: In the forground, the Snapple Lady steps forward and gives the ending narration as the Whimsical Icebox bickers behind her.

" Well there you have it. The many great flavors Snapple have driven two more people to the brink of insanity. Just because it's made from the best stuff on earth. See you again when and where 'Snapple Insanity' strikes next." - Snapple Lady

Scene four: Ending Image
Area: Tv screen. Where the Stock Interchange & Justynn Tyme pose with their favortie Snapple Flavors while surround by the Snapple Logo.

The End