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SNAPPLE 4 LIFE Part 2: By Tom Apollyon

I held onto those labels for a long time, not sure what to do with them. The idea had passed a few times to frame them somehow but I never got the initative to do so. Around 2001 when I got my first place, I bought a huge frame from Target for $25 or so and a can of spray adhesive. My girlfriend and I put it together on the balcony of my apartment, covering ourselves with glue and getting chemical buzzes/headaches in the process. I have that frame now in my 2nd residence, my condo. It hangs next to my computer desk. Some very obscure ones include the Snapple soda (Devin got it, I don't know where), some of the Snapple sports line that came in cool plastic squeeze bottles, a wide variety of long out of production iced teas and more.

Additoinally, I have a 2nd collage I made just from the Snapple's I drank in a week or 2 once. These are the flavors I drink the most in real life (as opposed to drinking a terrible diet flavor just for the collection) and the only obscure label there is from a gigantic (no longer produced) quart bottle of iced tea. They need to bring those back. I'm a thirsty man! And of course, the special edition 'Wendy's Tropical Inspiration' in the wrap-around plastic label. (I have the tradtional label of this flavor in the frame)

I was surprised and delighted to find that Justynn Tyme is a fellow Snapple Drinker as well. I still drink my share, but no longer collect and look for new labels. There are so many new ones, of course there is the Snapple Elements line which are quite good ('Lightning' -- black iced tea is a caffiene rush not to be missed) but which have no actual labels besides the sticker glued to the bottle.

For a while there was a weird Gatorade style Snapple, I can't remember what the line was called. And there was also the Whipper-Snapple's -- yogurt type drinks which were quite good but came in small bottles and were very expensive. I love Snapple of any kind though, big or small, any flavor. I'm a Snapple Drinker for life!

The End..