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    This was just one of the many times I went over to Stack's house to either hang out or do comedy. It was one such night during the time he was in college. I brought over this new tape recorder with me and a couple of scripts to work on while I was there. Actually, it was already fifteen years old or more but still worked fabulously. We set up this table for me, and he was studying hard on the couch, together in the basement. I sat there yammering into a microphone insanely reading out loud, the same bit of script over and over again.

176] The Wizard Of Meteropolis: Sequal To Oz.
"Tonight on channel 400, for the first time on network television.
The Wizard Of Metropolis: Sequel To Oz..
Sharon Bucks as Doris,
Stanley Yelnats as Rusty; the pewter brick layer,
Mark Desport as the Mannequin,
Burt Tubbs as the Scaredy Cat,
Karen Lotts as the Wicked Bitch of Capitalism,
and Sal Saleeto as the Financial Wizard ."

    I must have read it about thirty times and I swear it was exactly same each and every time. I was reading it over and over and over and over again trying to achieve something unobtainable. What made it worse was my dyslexic, which manifests itself when I get tired, either physically or mentally. I start messing up. I either slur my words, say the wrong word, or mix two words together or I start stuttering or become self conscious of the audible or inaudible monotone of my own voice. Regardless, it was a crazy situation with me obsessing and Stack trying to study listening to me like a broken record. The only redeeming quality was that Stack was in rare form. All the while studying and me with my monotone deaf repetitive yammering; he was in fine wit. When he could stand no more of my circular yapping; I'd be in the middle of a sentence and he'd jump in with a quip or some banter or even a little well seasoned light hearted sarcastic remark which caused convulsions of laugher which left me in tears.