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    When I was very young my mom made for both my half sister and me; two huge five foot teddy bears. I had the dark brown one and the Heather had the light grey. I had a wild time with that teddy bear and spent many countless days wrestling with him. But the older I got the less I played with the Teddy Bear and slowly he moved toward the upstairs closet. Soon our little family parted ways and I lost touch with my sister, Heather. That was back during the age when time had no meaning and I didn't realize I would never see her again. Other major events happened shortly afterwards and that part of my life was forgotten. Forgotten and stored away in dusty and nameless places.

    Then around the turn of the decade, 1992, while searching for an article from the past I began rummaging through these obscure boxes in the attic. It was a dark and dusty place, perfect for forgotten memories to be found. I found a box full of the dumbest crap that only a kid would collect. Trading card wrappers, fake eyeballs, rolls and rolls of out dated ventures and renderings.

There were also weird figurines, Richie Rich comics (favorite comic at the time) and string, loads and loads of string. I was shinning the light into this rather tall box I pulled out something I wanted to keep. Then quite unexpectantly a huge bear attacked me. No actually I dropped something and it fell behind the box. I shined the flashlight behind the box and there they were just hanging out; it was the two bears. I don't know how I ended up with both of them but there they were. I brought one down stairs and set it up in my room. I got a little tired of looking at him in a way and his tail was in a most naughty place. So I dressed him up, with an old t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Pretty soon he was in my way all the time and he never cleaned up after himself. So I put him a space of his own in the closet. It was a hard thing to do closing that door at night.

    Then one day, after Stock Interchange and I had been friends for awhile. He lent me his camcorder, which I had no idea that it was relatively new. I never paid much attention to the how's or why's. Anyway he lent the thing and I immediately called up Mr. Scotch Tape. He came over and we spent the days filming in the yard. (See: Never Before Seen Pt.2. #7) That was back when access to the roof was still pretty cool and less fearful. We finally dragged that bear outside dressed up in people clothes and tied work boots on him to add weight. And we spent all day running up the latter and pretending to jump off and then really throw the bear. I mean we really launched him out there. Practiced dropping and filming so many times I am sure people driving by though we were nuts. One thing I didn't mention in that entree is that after we tied a pair of work boots on him there was disaster. It was the last scene we were filming and Scotch threw Teddy Bear short and he dropped like a lead ballon. Unfortunately he fell right on top of me and clobbered me in the mouth with a boot.